Using art and science to reach innovative human focused solutions. 


Our research group uses customer-centered research to equip companies with in-depth customer insights by providing expert analysis and targeted, actionable product design recommendations that are data driven.  This includes research evaluations of the interface between humans and technology, taking into account human performance abilities and limitations, customer desirability, design characteristics of the product, as well as the environments in which the product is used.  In addition to ensuring ease-of-use and safety , we focus on designing products and services that are a pleasure to use to succeed in a highly competitive market.  We apply scientific principles from Human Factors Engineering and Psychology to produce recommendations for viable, effective solutions for your product. 


What is Human Factors

The application of human factors spans a wide range of different and diverse industries, such as transportation (e.g., automotive, aviation, rail), medical and pharmaceutical, industrial (e.g., construction equipment, process control rooms), consumer products (e.g., electronics, child products), food, and clothing.

The DELLfactor

The DELLfactor offers advanced analysis of human behavior to take your product to the next level.  The use of Behavioral Psychology helps to refine and develop an existing product to reach optimum results.

Our Practice

Dr. Rondell Burge, Founder and CEO of DELLfactor research group, has a PhD in Human Factors Psychology with a focus on designing products, along with nearly a decade of experience in human centered consulting, self-driving machines, interface design, and advanced analysis of human behavior and how that ultimately impacts the product development .


Our Services

Transportation / Automotive

  • Guiding concept generation and execution for advanced safety and autonomous features

  • Human factors scoping, alignment & planning

  • Defining target & context of use

  • Exploring specific tasks as they pertain to your technology from a usability and safety perspective

  • Driver distraction evaluation/assessment

  • Guiding concept generation

  • Verification & validation


  • Integrate human factors into safety cases and reviews, and design activities (e.g. task, human error and reliability assessment)

  • Design systems, equipment and facilities which meet user requirements and minimize the potential for human error

  • Address specific human performance issues and challenges

  • Train managers and staff in Human Factors principles and techniques such as human performance and behavioral safety

Software, Web, & App

  • Provides solutions via an iterative design process helping to improve overall customer satisfaction by identifying and remedying specific pain points associated with organization, navigation and visual design

  • Work 1-on-1 with UX Designers and software engineering teams to provide customer-driven design solutions for software applications

  • Guiding concept generation